The Philosophy Foundation is an innovative, dynamic and unique educational charity whose aim is to bring philosophy to schools and the wider community. Through doing philosophy in the classroom our primary concern is to improve educational opportunities for the disadvantaged: our work develops speaking and listening skills vital for literacy and emotional development, helps children who find it difficult to access other classes, and encourages critical and creative thinking essential in the 21st Century.

This is TPF Blog where we will post articles on education, philosophy in schools and curriculum specific articles that link with our work. We hope you find this useful.

We also have a regular ‘Guest Blogger’ – a philosophers and educationalists writing about themes they are passionate about.

Re-blogged articles  and Guest Bloggers are shared here for interest, and not because we necessarily endorse what they say.


One response to “About

  1. From my “small corner”, I have been seeking to promote the ‘wisdom’ end of the Clever – Wise continuum, for best part of 20 years.
    I watched the Sunday Politics item, and could not beleive my senses. Contact today, with Emma Worley, completed my elation. May you be intrumental in giving children back their mothers and granting ALL the ability to BE in a world of Obsessive Compulsive DOING.

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